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When visiting our website,, information about your visit is collected. This information is used to improve the content on the site. If you do not want your data collected, you should delete your cookies (see guide) and refrain from further use of the website. What information is gathered, the purpose and which third-parties who has access to the information, is elaborated below.

Policy about protection of personal data at Ingemann Components A/S

Privacy statement

Ingemann Components A/S (ICAS) is obligated to protect your personal information. To further understand how we manage the data collected from your interaction with ICAS, please read the following statement about the protection of personal information.

What information is collected?

ICAS collects your personal information when you provide them directly or through usage of our website. Examples of situation where data is collected include:

  • Information about you and your employer is collected when you create an account with ICAS. This can include your name and contact information, the name of your company and related company information, your role at the company and how you might have heard about our website.
  • Information about transactions, billing and delivery when you make a purchase with us.
  • Records of your interaction with ICAS. For example, if you send us a feedback e-mail about our website, ask a technical question, report a problem or in any other way contacts us.
  • If you respond to one of our customer satisfaction analysis.
  • If you interact with one of our sales agents, in relation to expedition, at a trade fair or at any other location.
  • We can also record certain information about your usage of your website, which include what domain you last visited and/or visit after our website, the unique ID of devices, your IP-address and your operating system, what ads you interact with, what products you search for and what you download. The marketing e-mails we will send you might automatically track if you have received and opened the e-mail, as well as where or not you clicked a link in our marketing material. We use this information to our internal performance measurements with the intention of tailoring future sales assisting messages to you.

How does Ingemann Components A/S use your personal information?

Depending on how you interact with ICAS and what permissions you provide us, we will use your information to the following purpose:

  • To deliver your order and/or provide the services, you agreed on in the contract.
  • To maintain your account with us.
  • To be able to handle and react to any questions or complaints to our customer service team.
  • To adapt ICASs websites to you and present to you the content we believe you will be the most interested in, based on your account information, your order history and your browsing activity.
  • For market analysis. We might contact you with the intention of collecting feedback about our products and services.
  • To send you news -and advertising e-mails, where we have received your consent or in any other way have been permitted of doing so.
  • For safety purposes to investigate fraud and if necessary to protect ourselves as well as third-parties.
  • To comply with our legal obligations.

Vi base ourselves on the following legal basis under to data protection act, to handle your personal information:

  • Because handling of some of this information is necessary to offer a contract to your or takes steps prior to entering into a contract with you (for example if you have made a purchase at ICAS, we will use your information in the handling of payment and delivery of your order).
  • Because it is in ICASs and your company’s legitimate interest, when you place an order on behalf of the company.
  • Because we have received your consent (for example if you contact us with a request or if you offer your consent to receive marketing material from us).

Who I ICAS sharing my personal information with?

ICAS have to share information with certain third-parties with the intention of running our company:

  • Service Providers: We pass information to our service providers who are doing business on our behalf (for example to companies that offer digital marketing services such as product recommendations, statistical analysis, business and operational insight and website optimization), as well as third-parties who are involved in the chain of delivery (for example, suppliers, subcontractors, freight forwarders, couriers and shipping companies). I some cases we can share your information with our professional and legal advisers.
  • Public Authorities: If the destination of your order is outside of the European Union, we might be obligated to share information with custom authorities in certain counties. We might also share personal information with police or other government authorities, to report fraud or to answer any legal request.
  • Credit and control of illegal activities: We might share information with rating agencies or other third parties involved in the prevention and detection of fraud.
  • Media: We might publish gathered and anonymized statistics to business partners or use these in press releases, advertising or public reports. We will only identify you or other customers in these press releases, advertisements or reports with your prior consent.
  • Selling of company or activities: If we were to sell some of the company’s activities, some personal information about our customers will be passed on to a potential buyer. In this case we will to be best of our ability aim that the buyer is bound by the conditions in this statement about protection of personal data.

ICAS may also pass personal information in cases, where we believe the passing of certain data is necessary to protect rights, property or the personal safety of ICAS, our customers, employees or the authorities – or where we in other legal matter is granted permission to do so.

Where is ICAS storing my personal data and for how long?

We store your personal information for as long as we need them in relation to the execution of the purposes mentioned above. Because of this, the storage period of your data will depend on your interaction with us. For example, if you have made a purchase with us, we will keep records of your purchase for the time necessary in consideration of billing, VAT and guarantees. We may also keep track about correspondence with you (for example, if you have filed a complaint about a product), for as long as necessary to protect us against a legal demand. You can find more information about the duration of cookies in our cookie-policy statement.

When we do no longer need to store your information, we will erase them. Please note, that if you unsubscribe our marketing communication, we will keep your e-mail address to make sure that we do not send you any future marketing e-mails in the future.

How does ICAS use my personal data for marketing?

Unless you have opted for it, ICAS might send you e-mails, call you or text-message you about ICAS products and services. Furthermore we might send you direct mail about products and news we believe to be of your interest.

It is possible that some or all of these marketing related messages will be tailored to you, based on what we know about you and/or your company and your purchasing activities.

You may be presented to advertisements for ICAS on third-party websites, including social media. These ads might be tailored to you, using cookies (that tracks your online activity to provide to ability the present ads to customers who have previously visited our website). If you do see an ad on social media, it may be caused by us activating the social network to show ads to our customers or users, who match our customers demographic composition. In some occasions this might include sharing of your e-mail address with certain social networks. If you do no longer wish to be presented to tailored ads, you can change your cookie-settings and or personal settings in your browser and on third-party sites.

How to I gain access to update, edit or delete my personal data?

If you have a request regarding your personal data, please contact us on telephone 0045 4618 6644 or e-mail You can always correct and request the deletion of your personal data. ICAS will fulfil all requests to exercise these rights in accordance with applicable law. Pay attention to the fact that there are certain limitations to these rights and there can be situations, where we cannot comply with your request.

Contact us

Please send any questions about this statement via. E-mail to

You are also justifies to contact the DPA, should you have any questions or considerations about your personal information.

Updating of this statement

We exercise our right to change elements in this statement at any time if necessary to comply with legislation, authority demands or our practical actions for the protection of personal data in accordance to the law. When this happens, and where it is required by law, we will send you a new and updated message that states how the usage of your personal information changes and if necessary, we will also collect your consent to further handling of the data.

This statement regarding protection of personal data was updated in May 2018.


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