About Ingemann Lighting and Optics

Ingemann - Lighting & Optics (former Scanlouvers A/S) 

A market leading supplier of components to the lighting industry. We specialize in having a wide and deep product portfolio of high quality components to the lighting-industry, especially optical microprismatic sheets and foils, diffusive foils and opalic sheets and reflective materials. Besides that we also bring to market emergency lighting components, lampholders, drivers etc. and a wide assortment of other components and other accessories for luminaires. We deliver most components customized to size, shape, color and in accordance with customer-specific specifications. Primary customer target group are Lighting production companies, who rely on high quality, flexibility, accuracy in deliveries and fabrication-services as well as highly skilled local support.

Our “Good-Better-Best” product portfolio ensures that we are capable of meeting all customer-demands in terms of technical functionality, fabrication processes and price-level.  

Ingemann Components A/S     Tingbjergvej 6     4632 Bjæverskov     Danmark     T  +45 4618 6644     F  +45 4618 6712

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