Quality Policy

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We attach great importance to quality in our goal to remain an attractive and credible business partner to our customers. We continuously measure, revise and work to improve precision on our deliveries, efficiency, service and total quality of our products in order to enhance customer satisfaction. The Management has developed, implemented our Quality Policy and remain committed to continuously maintain and improve it.

Our Quality Policy includes:

    • That Ingemann Components remains an attractive and credible business partner, that fulfills its obligations and our customers expectations, created through communication and demands put forward by the customers and accepted and confirmed by us.
    • Ingemann Components puts itself in the customer's needs and expectations for the cooperation and does its outmost to give the customer an experience that matches them.
    • That Ingemann Components' products always appears as and are perceived as quality products.
    • That quality is assured through a close cooperation between customers, suppliers and Ingemann Components’ management and employees based on the company's Quality Policy and Quality Management System.
    • That the Quality Management system is used and continuously improved.  

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