Ingemann has joined forces with industry-leading thermoformer Gibo Plast A/S. With Ingemann's technical knowledge on plastic materials used in the lighting industry combined with Gibo's high focus on solutions and quality, we can supply you thermoformed parts that meet your precise needs. 

Ingemann and Gibo Plast A/S has cooperated throughout many years and since 2014 Ingemann has been the lighting partner to Gibo Plast A/S. Since the very beginning, our combined knowledge and expertise has solved customer's complex construction issues, leaving us with satisfied customers and unique solutions. 

Gibo Plast A/S represents a world of plastic and knowhow. Their focus on solutions and quality combined with continuous investments in advanced robot technology and new machines makes them an ideal partner to the lighting industry. 

The 5 core competences in our partnership are:

  • Knowhow of the lighting industry
  • Moulding, Prototype moulding and fixtures
  • Traditional and advanced vacuum forming
  • CNC Finishing and assembly
  • Customized logistics 

Gibo Plast A/S production plants consist of more than 25 vacuumforming machines with 19 5-axis milling machines. The limitation in size goes from A4 size up to 4200x2500x1000mm equaling area of 10 m2.

Our partner, Gibo Plast A/S, develops, constructs and builds moulds and fixtures in house, providing complete control over the development process.


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ingemann Lighting and Optics for a continued dialogue. 

Jens Præstgård Møller

Jens Præstgård Møller

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Mobile: +45 26 24 14 99

Peter Ditlev

Peter Ditlev

Phone: +45 88 88 77 35

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