Light Day 2015

The 30th of September Ingemann Lighting and Optics will participate in this year’s conference and exhibition on Light Day 2015. The settings will be in the impressive architecture of the more than 100 years old train workshop in Copenhagen. In the booth of Ingemann Lighting and Optics we will be presenting the latest news within Optics, Diffusion and Reflection from our major partners Jungbecker, Mackwell, Gibo Plast, A.L.P. Europe and Bright View Technologies. This year’s theme for the conference is “Human Centric Lighting” – a holistic thinking of how to design light where for example daily rhythm, visual sharpness, mood, productivity and sustainability is involved in the process. Among the speakers there will be contributions from Great Britain, Germany and Denmark; featuring the “famous” brain scientist Peter Lund Madsen who will tell about light and the brain. Please feel free to drop by for a casual chat and a presentation of our products.

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