Plastic components for machinery

Welcome to the world of plastics here at Ingemann Components. We are your professional supplier of quality plastic components for machinery of almost any kind. Our headquarters are located in the heart of Denmark which logistically almost makes us neighbours if you are sited in the Nordic or Baltic region.

We are an experienced quality supplier and manufacturer of unique plastic components for machinery in a broad variety of industries and businesses. Ingemann Components always strive for the best of the best and we welcome you to experience our unique approach – always seeking the best solution for you.

Probably the largest stock of plastic components for machinery you will ever see

Ingemann Components keeps a huge stock of high-quality plastic components for machinery in a large variety. Let us know which components your business needs and we will simultaneously seek in our stock and in our comprehensive network of European market leading manufacturers.

We take pride in fast delivery, high quality and low prizes. If you add our unique service team you have the very essence of Ingemann components. We wish that ordering our plastic components for the machinery in your company will be a perfect experience.

We are experts in plastic components for machinery

Since the beginning of this millennium Ingemann Component has taken a unique market position in plastic components for machinery. Our low prizes, high quality and unique service have been a large key to our success.

With an outstanding team of experts in plastic components for machinery in almost any kind of production we are able to guide and serve you quickly and to perfection. Contact us today! Our experts are ready to listen and act on your command.

The fastest supplier of plastic components for machinery

Even though we are proud to have many returning customers worldwide the Nordic and Baltic countries especially benefit from our central location in the very heart of Denmark.

With a persistent focus on optimizing our logistics we are proud of our second to none logistic performance.  Located in the very heart of Denmark we are able to deliver our plastic components for machinery almost anywhere in the Nordic and Baltic region within hours.

If you need more information on our plastic components for machinery…

Ingemann Components are ready to help you finding the plastic components for your machinery today.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to know your future business partner better. Call us at +45 4618 6644 or send us an e-mail.

Henrik Færge

Henrik Færge

Phone: +45 88 88 77 26

Mobile: +45 50 60 79 09

Jesper Gleitze Nielsen

Jesper Gleitze Nielsen

Phone: +45 46 18 66 44

Mobile: +45 40 58 51 81

Pernille Christiansen

Pernille Christiansen

Phone: +45 88 88 77 32


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