Polycarbonate components

Ingemann Components keeps a huge stock of polycarbonate components, commodities and semi-finished components. Let us know what your business needs. We will most likely be the fastest supplier of quality polycarbonate components on the market.

From our comprehensive network of European market leading manufacturers, we are able to present you the widest selection of polycarbonate components. Our prizes, quality and service will surprise you - in the best way possible.  

Probably the largest selection of quality polycarbonate components

The use of polycarbonate components in the industry has exploded since Ingemann entered the market in the beginning of this millennium. The versatile and flexible qualities of our polycarbonate components are paving the way for a free and creative developing process for your products.

Feel free to invite us into the developing process. Our professional experienced production team might have some great ideas to share with you. We wish to complete your product with our high-quality polycarbonate components.

World class logistics supply you with the polycarbonate components you need

Our customers are spread worldwide but especially the Nordic and Baltic countries enjoy our central location in the heart of Denmark.

Our headquarters in Bjæverskov are very close to the main road crossing Denmark and is sited just 50 km outside Copenhagen. Within hours we are able to supply your production with the polycarbonate components you need.

Polycarbonate components for almost any product

Whether you need polycarbonate components for your industrial products, as a component in your construction site or for agricultural use we are able to deliver.

Only the imagination is setting limits for the use and application of our polycarbonate components. Let us know what your demands and specifications are and we will supply you with the p

Your professional experts in polycarbonate components

Let us set up a non-binding meeting. We are ready to help you find a unique solution using our polycarbonate components for your products and we will guide you into what would probably be the best service experience you have ever experienced.

Call us at +45 4618 6644 or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to serve you.

Henrik Færge

Henrik Færge

Phone: +45 88 88 77 26

Mobile: +45 50 60 79 09

Jesper Gleitze Nielsen

Jesper Gleitze Nielsen

Phone: +45 46 18 66 44

Mobile: +45 40 58 51 81

Pernille Christiansen

Pernille Christiansen

Phone: +45 88 88 77 32


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