Traffic sign components

If you are looking for a professional supplier of high-quality traffic sign components, Ingemann Components is proud to announce two decades of quality deliverances to the Nordic and Baltic region.

Our traffic sign components are integrated in millions of traffic signs all over the region securing safe roads for us all. Let us know how we can help you with high-quality traffic sign components.

Traffic sign components meeting all legal requirements

As a professional supplier of traffic sign components we are familiar with all the legal requirements our components are faced with. Ingemann Components entered the market in the beginning of this millennium and is probably the supplier who currently has the most experience in traffic sign components. 

Our professional experienced production team can help you with specifications, documentations and descriptions of the traffic sign components you need.  This might help you in the process of documentation to the authorities.

We are ready to complete your installation or product with our high-quality traffic sign components.

Our traffic sign components on the road

The majority of our customers are sited in the Nordic and Baltic countries. With our headquarters in Bjæverskov our logistics are second to none. We are sited close to the main road crossing Denmark just 50 km outside Copenhagen. In most cases we are able to supply your production with the traffic sign components you have ordered within hours.

Traffic sign components for a greener future

In addition to securing safe and smooth traffic our traffic sign components also helps us all to greener environment. Precise and adjusted traffic keeps the travelling time for the individual car, truck or bus to an absolute minimum. Shorter journey time equals less pollution.

We are proud of supplying traffic sign components helping us all to an optimized world of traffic.    

More information on our traffic sign components

Feel free to contact our experts today. We are ready to help you with the right documentation on our traffic sign components and impress you with our outstanding logistics.

Call us at +45 4618 6644 or send us an e-mail.

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Henrik Færge

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Jesper Gleitze Nielsen

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Pernille Christiansen

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