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We at Ingemann Components provide transparent and/or coloured PMMA acrylic material that all have different properties, making them extremely popular and useful in practically all industries. These products are very versatile and can be implemented across a number of different plastic based/plastic containing solutions.

Among transparent & coloured acrylic materials (PMMA) and many other high-quality products, Ingemann Components, Plastics, is your professional supplier. We produce acrylic materials for our customers mainly in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the Baltic area.

We want to make sure you get the very best material for your specific solution, so feel free to contact us for consultation about your project.

Acrylic material can be made moulded or extruded to suit our customers specific requirements. The PMMA material can be both transparent and/or coloured while still being UV resistant and very reliable. Some of the key characteristics of PMMA acrylics are:

  • High performance at a low price (when cut by laser)
  • Large tolerances on thickness of the Acrylic
  • More scratch & impact resistant than extruded PMMA acrylic
  • Broader range of colour selection than extruded PMMA acrylic.
  • Lower weight
  • Great sound transmission
  • Very flexible
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