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Linear Prismatics

The main functionality of a linear prism is light management. A linear prismatic is the most commonly used prismatic structure. Prisms and linear surface structures work well with the principle of refraction – when the light changes its angle by moving from one medium to another. The light is reflected and will leave the prism at a different angle. This angle is determined by its impact pond and the reflective indices of the air and the prism itself. Seen from the side, the prismatic structure of the component resembles a continuous triangular mountain terrain.

Ingemann Components provide a diverse range of linear prisms. Please bear in mind, that if none of the standard materials fits your needs, customized structures can me made. Ingemann Components, Lighting and Optics, offers a versatile processing of the material in both 3 and 5 axis milling machines and laser cutting. This ensures precise fabrication of the material according to the given specifications.

Products in this category:

All products mentioned in the Linear Prismatics category can be tested individually or in combination with a complimenting component in our very own Light Distribution Laboratory; Ingemann Research Center. This can be done to give you the very best output-ratio, for your specific demands.

For additional information, please the data sheet or contact the department of Lighting and Optics at Ingemann Components.

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