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The Polycarbonate Sheets (PC Sheets) consists of amorphous thermoplastic with a high number of very useful properties such as High-Impact resistance, excellent rigidity, great heat resistance and very good mechanical properties. Furthermore, the Polycarbonate Sheets have good electrical insulation properties, dimension stability and shrink resistance while having a moderate resistance to chemical.

Due to the high-impact properties, Ingemann Components, Plastics, recommends Polycarbonate Sheets for usage such as safety equipment, space separators, machine shielding, window pane theft prevention, bullet-proof shielding, signs, lift fittings and for windows.

The Polycarbonate Sheets are very robust and come in a range of different variations in product specifications such as light transmission, strength, weight and durability.

Some of the key characteristics of Polycarbonate Sheets (PC) are:

  • Exquisite optical quality and glossy surfaces
  • Easy to work
  • Unique performance at both high & low temperatures (-40 to +130 celcius)
  • Unique High-Impact properties
  • Fire rating B2, DIN 4102
  • UV protection for outdoor usage

The most popular variation is the super-strong SPC product (S stands for Special), that is virtually impossible to crack while weighing less. In addition the S version of Polycarbonate Sheets also has a 10-year guarantee against yellowing.

For more detailed information about PC and SPC, please read the data sheets or contact us.

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