Focus on energy-efficiency is increasing in Germany

Søberg Lystek has successfully produced high-end solutions for the professional market for more than 25 years. Lately, they have experienced an increasing interest in energy-efficient solutions from the German market, thus Ingemann Components’ focus on this area is timely.

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Søberg Lystek used Ingemann’s Light Measurement Service for validation of the luminaires displayed on this photo.

Søberg Lystek and Ingemann Components have enjoyed a long and close cooperation that goes all the way back to Ingemann’s establishment in 2002. Initially, Søberg Lystek purely purchased optical lighting components from Ingemann, but since then the cooperation has developed.

“They are very knowledgeable about creating optical lighting solutions at Ingemann”, says Jesper Søberg, CEO at Søberg Lystek.

He appreciates the close dialogue with Ingemann on how to achieve the highest light output and as energy-efficiently as possible. In a time where the world realizes the need for more sustainable production, a focus on energy-efficiency is more relevant than ever. Jesper Søberg especially experiences an interest from the German market.

“Recently, we made a bid for a proposal of a production order in Germany. We were the only foreign company invited for the proposal. And we won because our solution was 20 percent more energy-efficient than the other bids,” he explains.

More moderate interest from the Danish market

On the contrary, he experiences that many Danish producers are more focused on the initial price and less focused on the operational costs.

“It might have to do with different tills. In Denmark, we often produce lighting solutions to turnkey contracts with a focus on the lowest initial costs. In Germany, shop owners usually take part in all decisions, and in general, it’s my experience that family-owned companies are more conscious about it”, he elaborates.

Nevertheless, he is convinced that an increased interest in sustainable, energy-efficient solutions is the way forward.

“I am excited about Ingemann’s CO2 Calculator that allows us to easily identify
the most sustainable optical lighting solution,” Jesper Søberg says.

The tool was launched recently and has been met with positive acknowledgements from lighting manufacturers cooperating with Ingemann.

“According to the tool, it’s clear that we can produce much more sustainably in Denmark than many of our competitors abroad, so I welcome this initiative,” he Søberg states.

Beneficial cooperation

Except a fruitful dialogue around energy-efficiency, Søberg Lystek uses Ingemann’s Light Measurement Service to validate luminaires for their projects.

“All in all, we appreciate Ingemann’s high level of technical expertise, broad product portfolio and eager to help us find the optimum solution every time,” he finalizes.


  • Established in 1996 by Helle and Jesper Søberg
  • Søberg Lystek has specialized in creating
  • energy-efficient lighting solutions for the professional market. For example, they have produced special lighting solutions for one of the most significant Danish lighting producers for 30 years. Another example is the production of lighting to gangways in 11 airports.
  • Located in Funen, Denmark
  • 12 employees