Now ready to make faster and more precise homogeneity measurements

Installation of Vision system

Jakob and Michael are paying close attention to Jens Michael from Videometer’s introduction to the system.

The looks on the faces almost speak for themselves. Our Optical Engineer, Jakob Daugaard Jepsen and Production Manager, Michael Wriedt are deeply focused on our new Vision system that allows us to optimize and enhance our processes for homogeneity measurements, typically used in the LGP development and kitting solutions.

Yesterday, Jens Michael Carstensten from Videometer implemented and instructed in the usage of the system.

The camera-based system mounted above the desk snaps a photo of the product (in this case a circular LGP) and measures its homogeneity. The result is immediately reflected on the PC screen. This makes former luxmeter measurements redundant and allows us to quality control our products more efficiently.