About Ingemann Components

Ingemann Components A/S is a technically based trading- & production company. We are specialized in plastics within 3 business areas as you will find elaborated below. We were founded in the year 2000 based upon an acquisition of a leading Danish lighting component supplier. The company is family-owned and -managed. Our headquarter is based in Bjæverskov, close to the main highway across Denmark and just 50km outside Copenhagen. From here we serve our costumers across the Nordic- and Baltic countries.

Through a portfolio of market-leading products we focus on especially 1) the lighting-industry with optical diffusive and reflective materials; 2) plastics fabricators, sign-makers, glaziers and plastic-consuming industrial companies, etc. We are a component supplier and we deliver customized made-2-size components to our customers and 3) distribution of high quality starsealed plastic bags and dispensers for especially fruits- and vegetables in retail stores across the Nordic countries, Europe and the Middle East.

Technical Competencies - we strive to find the right combination of technical components and offer a variety of fabrication methods to deliver competitive and efficient solutions.

Flexibility - we deliver complex solutions, small and large orders, fast, competitively and always with a smile.

Quality - we are ISO 9001 certified and strive to deliver highest quality, always on time.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility - we are a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and take pride in prioritizing social and environmental awareness into our daily routines.

We are local - we are close to you and we speak your language.

Within Ingemann A/S we drive 3 key business areas:

Lighting and Optics 



Ingemann Components A/S     Tingbjergvej 6     4632 Bjæverskov     Danmark     T  +45 4618 6644     F  +45 4618 6712

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