Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm

Makrolon® DX products are high quality polycarbonate (PC) sheets for LED applications. Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm is an attractive material for various kinds of luminaires where the goal is to get a high level of brightness, meaning a high light efficiency of your LED light source or simply to create a fantastic atmosphere, filled with colorful light emotions.

The advanced diffusion technology that constructs the Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm products provides great hiding capabilities for LED spots but still allows a great amount of light through. This results in a very high but uniform brightness – even in very slim designs.

Two types for every taste are available:

  • Makrolon® DX warm is a diffuser sheet with a warm and pleasant colour appearance, even when backlit with cold white LEDs. Besides Makrolon® DX warm enhances colour rendering of light coming from red, green, blue LEDs and/or from the combination thereof.  
  • Makrolon® DX cool is a diffuser sheet with cool and fresh colour appearance, even when the LEDs are in off mode.

You´ll benefit from:

  • Extreme high light transmission and high diffusivity at the same time
  • Extreme impact strength
  • Resistance to wide range of temperature

Available in:

  • 1.5 and 3 mm sheet thickness
  • Dimension: 2.050 x 1.250 mm

All Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm products can be tested individually or in combination with a complimenting component in our very own Light Distribution Laboratory; Ingemann Research Center. This can be done to give you the very best output-ratio, for your specific demands.

For additional information, please the data sheet or contact the department of Lighting and Optics at Ingemann Components.

Sales Department

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Jens Præstgård MøllerSales Director
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Why Choose Us

  • We offer high quality products that provides outstanding efficiency
  • We provide a market leading service to best guide you in the world of components
  • We can provide a tailor-made solution meeting your every demand
  • We are very flexible and can adapt to changes quickly
  • We offer expert advise to make sure we find the very best products

What Client’s Say

As a manufacturer of lighting fixtures on a smaller scale, we are deeply dependent on flexible and skilled subcontractors – therefore we have a collaboration with Ingemann.

Jan Klinge, Lighting Manufacturer, ZARP Danmark

Ingemann är företaget som alltid sätter sina kunder i fokus  och levererar en förstklassig service! Man har en intressant produktportfölj och en imponerande specialistkunskap inom sina områden! Det är ett nöje att arbeta med Ingemann!

Tobias Laarmå, Lighting Consultant, GLC global lighting consultants Scandinavia AB

High level of competence, Innovative approach and Professional

These are valuable factors for us at Atelje Lyktan, why we often choose to collaborate with Ingemann in our development projects.

Malin Gadd, Product Manager, Atelje Lyktan