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Opal LED Diffuser Sheet (Volumetrics)

Whether you are looking for a clear polycarbonate material (PC) or an advanced LED diffusive PC, Ingemann Components’ department of Lighting and Optics offers a variety of profound options. Through our comprehensive network of suppliers and many years in the lighting components industry, we can assist you in finding the most suitable product for your specific application. We realize the importance of hiding the LED light source, getting the highest light output – all without compromising building regulations when developing a new luminaire.

Ingemann Components’ department of Lighting and Optics also offers a versatile processing of the materials in both 3 and 5 axis milling machines and advanced laser cutters.


All products mentioned in this category can be tested individually or in combination with a complimenting component in our very own Light Distribution Laboratory; Ingemann Research Center. This can be done to give you the very best output-ratio, for your specific demands.

For additional information, please read the datasheet or contact the department of Lighting and Optics at Ingemann Components.

Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm

Datasheet Order a sample Makrolon® DX NR Cool/Warm Makrolon® DX products are high quality polycarbonate (PC) sheets for LED applications. Makrolon® DX

Lumieo® Glacier Series

Datasheet Order a sample Lumieo® Glacier Series The products in the Lumieo® Glacier Series are diffuser sheets made from polystyrene (PS) material.

Lumieo® Frost Series

Datasheet Order a sample Lumieo® Frost series The Lumieo® Frost series is an acrylic LED diffusive sheet, that offers a cost-effective alternative

Lumieo® S84

Datasheet Order a sample Lumieo® S84 Lumieo® is a premium white acrylic sheet which provides both high lighting transmission and excellent lamp