Ingemann Linear Prism

2021-04-29T14:59:46+02:00April 23rd, 2021|

The Ingemann Linear Prism has a linear deglaring structure that cuts of the light in the X-axis, while maintaining the luminaires distribution in the Y-axis.

Ingemann C-Prism

2021-04-23T16:09:42+02:00April 22nd, 2021|

The Ingemann C-Prism is a reverse microprism that improves the light distribution with an excellent and homogeneous glare suppression. It is an excellent choice for applications requiring UGR

temilux®ID Pure Sheet

2021-02-10T16:02:26+01:00September 21st, 2020|

temilux®ID Pure is our high-end micro prism that comprises both the highest technical requirements and modern, aesthetic design.


2021-04-23T15:35:54+02:00June 13th, 2018|

The AGP microprism provides excellent glare control and is a great choice to achieve UGR


2020-04-29T10:37:21+02:00June 5th, 2018|

Datasheet Order a sample MicroMid MicroMid™ Sheet features 1.5 mm. wide convex pyramid prisms to achieve high angle brightness control, excellent lamp