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When designing new luminaires, the opportunities within diffusers, prisms and other optical components are endless. At our own Ingemann light lab, we have gained intricate knowledge about the individual and combined performance characteristics of these elements and we wish to share this information with you as a starting point for new developments.

The measurements have been carried out with our own goniophotometer using the LabSpion by Viso Systems and file formats of full measurement reports are available in PDF, LDT and VISO files.

The aim of this tool is to create an objective database of knowledge, to raise awareness for quality standards and performance and to make it easier for designers and engineers in the initial phases of the design process to choose the right material and therefore decrease development time and costs of a new product.

We hope this will be of great use to you and we are very grateful for comments, thoughts and even requests of materials that we might have missed.

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Our Luminaires

Below you will find the specs for the different luminaires that are available in the tool.

600 x 600 Luminaire

Measurements is made on a 600 x 600 mm backlit luminaire with LED positions as illustrated on the drawing. The internal side surface is powder coated white and the PCB´s are glossy white

The LED’s used in the luminaire are 5035, and there are 66×4 LED’s, total of 264 LED’s inside. Each of them provides a beam angle of 120°.

The luminaire is divided into four sections, each of them providing approx. 1230 lm ± 7,5%

Total Lumen approx. 5000 lm ± 7,5%

1200 x 60 Luminaire

Measurements are made on a 1200×60 mm backlit luminaire with LED’s positioned in a straight line as seen on the illustration.

Internal sides of luminiare are covered with 2 white PET  reflectors positioned in an angel of approx 35° the PCB is glossy white.
The LED’s used in the luminaire are 5035 and there is a total of 96. Each of the LED’s provide an angle of 120°.
The luminaire is divided into two strips, with each of them providing approx. 1200 lm ± 7.5%
Total lumen output approximately 2400 lm ± 7,5%.