PRODUCT NEWS: Lumieo Frost and Lumieo Glacier change names

Ingemann Haze LED Diffusor

To bring the popular Lumieo LED diffusor products closer to the Ingemann brand, Lumieo Frost and Glacier have been renamed to Ingemann Sky and Ingemann Haze. Inspiration to the new names, came from the visual look of the products.

“Over the years, Ingemann Components has become a leading producer of optical components, and to stay relevant to our customers we continue to extend our product portfolio with our own brands,” says Jens Præstgård Møller, Sales Director at Ingemann Components.

It has been essential to come up with new names that add value to the products and are easy to remember; thus, inspiration comes from the visual look of the diffusors.

Lumieo Frost changes to Ingemann Sky

The word ‘Sky’ origins from the old High German word “Scuwo” and refers to “the upper regions of the air”. The Ingemann Sky’s one-side is beautifully structured while the other side is polished which allow for great flexibility to choose the preferred look.

  • Ingemann Sky 53
  • Ingemann Sky 60
  • Ingemann Sky 70
  • Ingemann Sky 80
  • Ingemann Sky 93

Lumieo Glacier changes to Ingemann Haze

The word ‘Haze’ is in the family of haze, mist, and fog. It is unmatched in other tongues and is described as the “opaqueness of the atmosphere”. The Ingemann Haze series come with a fine micropattern on both sides which gives associations to high hanging haze formations in the atmosphere.

  • Ingemann Haze 53
  • Ingemann Haze 60
  • Ingemann Haze 70
  • Ingemann Haze 80
  • Ingemann Haze 93

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