Technical challenge kicked-off good cooperation

lichtwerk had an issue in meeting the German requirements to workstations with the prototype of their ciros luminaire. But in cooperation with Ingemann Components, they managed to find a sustainable solution to the problem.

ciros lumin

Installation of the ciros luminaires in an office environment.

After a thorough market research, the Head of Development at German lichtwerk realized a market need for a large round surface mounted or hanging luminaire. He discussed the idea with the construction department, and the first prototype of the ciros luminaire was built.

“Imagine how elegantly it looks with a large luminaire in a diameter up to 1200mm either mounted or hanging from the ceiling, for example in a hotel reception,” says Dominik Wohlleben, Lighting Planner at lichtwerk.

To complete the ciros product family, a luminaire for office environments was needed, but lichtwerk had difficulties in meeting the German market’s very strict requirements to workstations. Therefore, special attention was paid to UGR<19 and Candela values as well as beam angles in the development process. In addition, it was essential that LED dots weren’t visible.

Solving the issue

lichtwerk is a subsidiary of Regiolux, and not only do the two companies share building and facilities they also share knowledge, so a colleague from Regiolux’ photometric lab mentioned that perhaps Ingemann Components had a solution to this issue.

“We got in contact with Ingemann Components’ German Office and initiated a dialogue. Even though we knew more or less what we were looking for, it was valuable for us to get Ingemann’s advice on the specific components. They were very quick at sending us product samples which allowed us to proceed with the development,” tells Dominik Wohlleben.

The ciros luminaire is a multi-layer solution consisting of a microprism and a film for glare reduction. Another element that was taken into consideration during the construction of the prototype was the distance between the LEDs and the optical lighting solution.

The ciros luminaire family was commercially launched in March 2020. It’s offered in three versions in sizes from 300-1200mm with respectively direct and indirect light.

lichtwerk Circos lamp

“All in all, we have a good and constructive cooperation with Ingemann. A minor initial misunderstanding was corrected very quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy from Ingemann’s side,” says Dominik Wohlleben.


lichtwerk was founded in 1908 as ‘BIG Bamberger Industrie-Gesellschaft mbh & Co.KG’.

At the beginning of this millennium, the enterprise was taken over by Regiolux GmbH as a subsidiary and renamed lichtwerk GmbH. Since then, lichtwerk has specialized in light engineering and design consulting for consultants and architects, beginning from the conceptual design all the way to the final project execution. Both product development and production take place at lichtwerk’s facilities in Koenigsberg in Germany.

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