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Datasheet Order a sample FOAM Various types of foam and thicknesses are available. The properties of the Anti-static foam we offer


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PS ProductGuide Order a sample PS UV The Polystyrene Acrylic Sheets (PS), UV,  from Ingemann Components, Plastics, offers a wealth of possibilities

Hipex G

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Hipex G Hipex G is manufactured by Polycasa. Hipex G are extruded polyethylene terephtalate glycol (PETG) sheets, which are characterizied by good optical properties,


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Impex® A virtually unbreakable plastic with very high impact strength. Perfect for glazing. Manufactured by Polycasa. Charateristics: Excellent optical properties Easy to fabricate Exeptional


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CRYLUX Product Guide CRYLUX® PMMA Cast Acrylic sheets have been an important part the world wide industrial evolution for more than


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AKRYLON AKRYLON® is extruded acrylic amorphous thermoplastic material, that is characterised by a very high transparency (92% Light Transmission) and very good mechanical properties


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CRYLON Product Guide Order a sample CRYLON® CRYLON® is the brand of extruded acryllic manufactured by Polycasa in Germany. CRYLON® is extruded