Design was way ahead of technical solution

Difficulties in finding a technical partner to connect design and technical solution delayed project. PROLICHT’s Hadi luminaires were on the way for several years, but with Ingemann onboard, the parties managed to find a solution within only 6 months.

PROLICHT'S Hadi Luminaire

Hadi luminaires in an office environment far away from Tyrol’s scenic mountains that play an important role in PROLICHT’s way of doing business.

More than 5 years ago, the Austrian lighting manufacturer, PROLICHT decided to enter the highly regulated office lighting market. A market that was characterized by relatively uniform luminaires, typically in the dimensions 600 x 600 mm, but PROLICHT wanted something different. They wanted to design a luminaire that truly stood out from competition.

“To succeed in developing an innovative design, we initiated a dialogue with the exceptionally talented designer, Hadi Teherani who has designed our unique Hadi luminaire. Our challenge was to find a technical partner who could connect the design and the technical solution,” says Filippo Bettinazoli, Head of Marketing and Product Management at PROLICHT

Product development can be a complex matter and it turned out that Hadi Teherani’s design was several years ahead of what was technically feasible for most suppliers; thus, PROLICHT was unable to proceed with the project before the second half of 2019 where they got in contact with Ingemann Components.

“We chose Ingemann because of their capability in offering us freedom in the shape of ‘the sandwich’. An essential point of our project was to find a unique shape to differentiate our product from the standard rectangular cuts,” says Filippo Bettinazoli.


Ingemann Components has specialized in pushing the boundaries of the light guide technology. In close cooperation with PROLICHT, they managed to find a flexible solution that met PROLICHT’s requirements to energy-efficiency, glare control and homogeneous light distribution.

In the early 2020, the Hadi family of luminaries finally saw the light of the day when it was commercially launched.

Especially the 45° ends of this version of the Hadi luminaire caused difficulties in ensuring a homogeneous light distribution, but in cooperation with Ingemann a solution was found.

Hadi luminaire

PROLICHT can deliver in only 5 days
The Hadi project was the first important collaboration between PROLICHT and Ingemann.

“During the development process, Ingemann was super-effective and when we encountered issues, they were quick at finding a new solution. All along the process they have been very responsive and our cooperation has been smooth,” says Filippo Bettinazoli.

Instead of getting the optical lighting components for the Hadi luminaires delivered in parts, PROLICHT decided to buy the full solution in preassembled kits (sandwich model) which means it’s ready for assembling in their production line.

“This means fewer parts to handle in our stock, easier logistics and increased productivity. The latter is essential because it allows us to deliver orders in only 5 days,” says Filippo Bettinazoli.

Product development and production of PROLICHT’s products take place in Innsbruck in Austria. The local set-up allows PROLICHT to develop and build individual solutions in record time, and to custom make luminaires within 5 days and ship them to more than 70 countries through their global sales network.

Hadi configuration


The Hadi luminaire family comes in various combinations in terms of shapes, colors and materials.

Founded in 1993, PROLICHT is a globally successful manufacturer of architectural lighting and lighting concepts with its headquarters in Neu-Götzens in Tyrol. Committed to its origin in the mountains, PROLICHT is committed to treat the nature, employees, partners, and customers respectfully.

Special attention is paid to:

  • Reduction of resource consumption (materials, electric energy, water, improvement of energy efficiency)
  • Avoidance of environmentally harmful technologies and hazardous substances and critical substances
  • Definition and tracking of environmental indicators, programs, and initiatives
  • Customer information on the proper handling of our products environmentally friendly product and system design
  • Proper disposal
  • Implementation of environmentally relevant training courses for internal environmental protection

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