Ingemann Components enters the American market

The last year, Ingemann has experienced an increasing interest for especially its Light Guide solutions from the USA. To meet this growing demand, Ingemann has effectively from 1st of April 2021 entered into a co-operation agreement with American OEM Lighting Sales. 

Amercan-Danish flags

“To our own surprise, we have not only witnessed that the majority of visits to our website come from the USA, we have also received a number of inquiries from over there,” tells Jens Præstgård Møller, Sales Director Ingemann Components.

Until recently, the North American marked seemed out of scope due to the distance, but after a successful cooperation with an American lighting manufacturer the idea about entering the North American market started to grow.

“Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have hesitated to enter a new market ourselves. But because of the current difficulties in travelling due to COVID19, we realized the need for a local partner. Our network recommended OEM Lighting Sales as an interesting partner,” Jens Præstgård Møller explains.

Perfect fit for both parties

OEM Lighting Sales (OLS) covers North America, works exclusively with lighting OEMs, and has a large customer base. Furthermore, they are used to acting as the link between the technology owner and the lighting manufacturer, so for Ingemann OLS seemed to be the obvious choice.

“An important factor of our cooperation is also that we share some of the same values such as delivering a high level of service, acting respectfully towards our customers and having fun while we do it,” says Jens Præstgård Møller.

It turned out that there was a mutual interest for a closer cooperation as Ingemann was able to fill a gap in OLS’s product portfolio.

“Moving forward, the maturing LED fixture market will demand higher performance and glare standards to meet requirements, and this is exactly one of Ingemann’s strengths. As the premier producer in Europe of edge lit technology, beam shaping and light guides, Ingemann is a perfect fit for us,” says Larry Bloch, Sales Director at OEM Lighting Sales.

Ingemann’s size and structure that enables for quick turnarounds on prototypes, production orders and assistance in addressing design and engineering challenges are also highlighted by Larry Bloch.

“Ingemann has the capacity and capital for large OEMs, and the personnel to address medium and small OEMs’ needs, especially in the higher and architecture lighting space. Important capabilities in the very demanding North American market and we look forward to meeting all our over 800 customers’ requirements,” tells Larry Bloch.

Effectively from 1st of April 2021, OLS has been agent for Ingemann’s products. The cooperation has already proved to be successful as Ingemann has received a number of inquiries, is in dialogue with several customers and deeply involved in the development of new luminaires.

“We are very excited about our cooperation with OLS and look forward to extend our presence on the North American market,” says Jens Præstgård Møller.


OEM Lighting Sales was founded in 2011 by George Dieckmann and Larry Bloch to service lighting manufacturers with LED components. Together George and Larry have more than 60 years of experience from the lighting business. They represent only “best in class” lighting companies, including Alanod, WhiteOptics, Acuity Brands, Casambi, ERP and Megalight.

OEM Lighting Sales has offices in New York and Atlanta and sales representatives nationwide who service the US, Canada, and Mexico. For more information about OEM Lighting Sales.