NEWS: The temilux®ID Pure microprism is on the up

After years with visible microstrutures in luminaires, our customers demanded a continous solution with a new visual appearance for their designs. The temilux®ID Pure microprism met these demands in full. Now, it’s gaining foothold in the market.

temilux microprism from Ingemann Components

What started as a good idea at German temicon, has now turned into a successful and efficient production of microprisms.

“We note an increasing demand for the temilux microprisms which are offered both in sheets and continuous films. The two formats allow for new design opportunities and more and more of our customers are changing to temilux,” says Jens Præstgård Møller, Sales Director at Ingemann Components.

Currently, the temilux®ID Pure microprism is available in 300mm width, but a 600mm width is just around the corner and we expect to have it in stock before Summer.

Watch our video for a thorough presentation.

About the temilux®ID Pure microprism

  • The microprism combines the highest technical requirements with a modern, aesthetic design. It’s produced in high transparent polymer plates and offers a highly innovative, invisible deglaring and diffusor function combined in one plate. Non-visible micropatterns decouple the light according to UGR19 and enables the control of light in the office area.