We measure luminaires using a modern far-field goniometer (LabSpion- VisoSystems), at our own in-house laboratory – also as a service for you.

The data gained from these measurements provides sales with important information and allows conclusions to be drawn for the ongoing development and improvement of your luminaires.

We can provide you with the measurements and the documentation on the:

  • Total luminous flux (lumens)
  • Useful lumens (per EU 1194/2012 eco-design regulation)
  • Zonal flux (lumens)
  • Stabilisation time (minutes)
  • Peak luminous intensity (candelas)
  • Cone & ISO illuminance (lux)
  • PPFD (photon flux density)
  • Unified glare rating (UGR)
  • CIE 1931 & 1960 chromaticity coordinates (xy, uv, Duv)
  • Correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin)
  • Colour rendering index (CRI, Ra & R1-14)
  • Colour rendering index (IES TM30, Rf & Rg)
  • Colour rendering (CQS, Q1-14)
  • Spectral power distribution (360-830nm)
  • Beam angle (degrees)
  • Beam shape for defined C-planes (luminous intensity versus angle of inclination & azimuth, available as polar charts & delimited text)
  • Power consumption (Watts)
  • Power factor
  • Luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt)
Jacob working in the light lab


Ingemann light laboratory is equipped with a two-axis far-field goniometer, measuring the lamps that are up to 1,500 mm long and up to 25 kilograms in weight. All lamps are measured at stable operating temperatures, with a stable luminous flux and highest resolution.

The spectrometer sensor is easily mounted on a tripod and is placed at a distance depending on the size of the measured lighting fixture. The built-in laser detects the distance between the two parts, so alignment is quick and precise.


For the documentation of all the data being measured in real time we utilize the The VISO Light Inspector software, where the photometric results are graphically represented. The light measurements report in the PDF file can be directly incorporated to your product datasheets or presented on the website.