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BrightView C series

Bright View High Performance Diffusers

C-Series High Performance Symmetric LED Diffusers

Key characteristics of the Bright View C-Series LED Diffusers

  • General purpose symmetric diffusers
  • Lamp hiding, color mixing, angle management

C-Series diffusers efficiently hide the light source in lamps and provide a smooth illumination in both LED and fluorescent applications. They provide excellent depixellation, angle control, color mixing, and color uniformity. The Bright View C-Series will provide an effective and smooth LED light distribution making this product a great fit for most applications.

The Bright View C-Series products can be tested individually or in combination with a complimenting component in our very own Light Distribution Laboratory; Ingemann Research Center. This can be done to give you the very best output-ratio, for your specific demands.

For additional information, please the data sheet or contact the department of Lighting and Optics at Ingemann Components or visit Bright View’s website.

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