Polyester PETG

Glycol-modified Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETG) from Polycasa is a very hard and clear material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor solutions. PETG is great for plastic based solutions such as shelters, machine shielding, medical industry (packaging), displays & signs for outdoor use, clothing for refrigerated rooms, bicycle helmets, lunch boxes, art, motorcycle windscreens and cloaks. All in different colours.

The PETG material trademarks are; Polycasa PETG, Dacron, Terylene, Lavsan and Vivak.

Some of the key characteristics of Glycol-modified Polyethylene Terephthalate are:

  • Good optical properties
  • Glossy surface
  • Very easy handling
  • Excellent for vacuum forming
  • Great resistance to chemicals
  • High-Impact properties
  • Limited moisture absorption
  • Re-use capabilities
  • Approved for usage with foods

For more detailed information about PETG, please read the data sheets or contact us.

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