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Towards a Greener Future

Sustainable solutions are at our heart at Ingemann Components. We believe in constantly challenging status quo in the hunt for solutions that can minimize the Lighting Industry’s environmental footprint. In 2020, we embarked a journey to identify how we can contribute to reducing the CO2emissions related to optical lighting solutions.

Our investigations clearly show that the largest negative environmental impact comes from the energy consumed during the use phase of the lamp; thus, there is a huge potential in providing energy-efficient optical lighting solutions.

In addition, we are focused on providing the most sustainable materials, just as we are examining the possibilities of re-/upcycling used luminaires.

Sustainability Webinar

On the 24 November 2020, we hosted a webinar where we shared the results of our investigations on how we can contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions related to optical lighting solutions.

Calculate the Optimal Design

Choosing the right combination of energy-efficient optical components and sustainable materials can be tricky and usually, it requires a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessments analysis. To support our customers in the design phase, we have created a CO2 Calculator that allows manufacturers to quickly make the most sustainable choice regarding energy-efficiency and CO2 emissions.

C02 Calculator